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Fast Wireless Charger Will Not Break the Battery

Jul. 10, 2018

Wireless charging doesn't give the battery break. As data streams to and from a device, the screen turns on to broadcast alerts, or music is played, and the battery is continually topped off by the Fast Wireless Charger

Each little tick of the battery's capacity is another percent counted against the charging cycle, and another bit of wear and tear the battery has to deal with.

In short, your battery gets a break when it's plugged in, whereas Qi Fast Wireless Charging constantly uses, and therefore constantly stresses, it.

Non iPhone users, you're not safe either. Anything that charges wirelessly is experiencing constant battery stress, and the end result is going to be reduced lifespan. You don't need to necessarily stop using this latest and greatest mobile tech innovation, but limit it to top offs. Give your battery a rest in the evening and plug it in. Jeter supply Wireless Charger Stand Samsung note 5 and wireless charger Iphone with high quality.

Fast Wireless Charger

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